Our hotel has chosen L.A.M. Biomagnets to protect staff and guests from the harmful effects of electrosmog.

Electrosmog is present practically everywhere, from artificial electronic sources such as cell phones, computers, wi-fi, telephone masts, power lines, cordless phones, electronic household products, satellites, radars, etc. or from natural sources such as radon gas, magnetotelluric networks, solar and cosmic rays, lightening, ferromagnetic and radioactive minerals, etc.
This highly polluting agent, which has no smell and cannot be seen or heard, interferes with our metabolism, causing such problems as chronic tiredness, sleep and digestive disorders, irritability, headaches, difficulty in concentration, food intolerance, etc. and even the possible onset of chronic diseases.
L.A.M. silicon biomagnets significantly reduce the imbalances caused by electrosmog by re-establishing the normal electro-chemical balance of the human organism, with a general psychophysical improvement and they enhance foodstuffs making them organoleptically better and more easily digestible.
Their effectiveness has been amply demonstrated in over 20 years of medical studies and experiments conducted on thousands of people. These include internationally famous athletes who have testified to noticing a significant improvement in their performance.

All L.A.M.silicon biomagnetics are in accordance with European Parliament Directive 2001/95/EC of December 3rd 2001 enacted under Decree No. 172 and are produced with exclusively Italian technology. They are registered as health products.